Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lord Watanabe

This is the character model that i did, finish detail him in 3 days, detailed, textured in zbrush , final render in max vray, concept by my awesome teacher Patrick Ballesteros

This character has been on the Top Row of CG feedback, and is displayed in the turntable gallery of Pixologic.com

angelina jolie speed study

a sculpting and polypainting i did in 5 hours, modeled, sculpted, rendered in zbrush, hair was done in photoshop

Female anatomy study

A female anatomy sculpting study i did a while ago

Zé Ramalho's Caricature

A character i did base on an amazing caricature drawing which was done by Tiago_Hoisel

Modeled in Max, detailed in Zbrush, rendered in Maya, Photoshop-background

The final render has been on the top row of 3D Total, CG feedback, and Eat 3d.com

Little robot

A little robot that modeled for a iphone game, concept by Matt Wong

Head Sculpting practice

a head sculpting i did in 3 hours


A sci-fi vega that i did for a contest

demon's head

A demon head that i did for a friend

Sci-Fi soldier

A character i designed for my portfolio

Saxophone performer

this was a character that i did for a class

Alien Hunter

This is a alien hunter that i designed for a small cg film

small robot

this is a small robot that i design a year ago