Friday, December 28, 2012

Breaking Bad- Walter White

Hey everyone, i havent post anything for a while mainly because my full time job as a character artist at Sony San Diego and i am still doing some freelance works at the same time, but i have been doing this sculpting using only my freetime (which is around 5 hours per week) for a while now, i have to say...... he is not easy to sculpt at all, he has got a pretty unique head skull shape, and really deep winkles on this forehead and cheeks, and it was really hard to find refs for his side view.

Anyway, i think because this TV show is so popular, it makes it really easy for people to tell who you are sculpting,(basically a bold guy with glasses and beard), the challenging part for me is to capture his likeness with out his beard and glasses, so i spent a lot of time studying his facial anatomy and expressions. Here is what i got so far. Basically finish the head, will detail his lab suit and mask soon....

Especially thank to my supervisor at Sony-Rafael Grassetti for the best critiques!