Friday, August 10, 2012

My Character Modeling Reel

Here is the Reel i made when i graduate!
Still a lot professional works that i cant put in there because of NDA!
More to come!

FrankTzeng's Reel

Please watch it in HD if you can

Hero crab turntable

Here is the turntable for the main character- Hero Crab

Cinematic commercial and game for COCA COLA

Hey EVERYONE!!, today is the day that i can finally share the cinematic commercial and iphone game we did for Coca Cola and MacDonald in Ember Lab, i was the main character molder in the team and i did all the Crabs and also help with some
assets build and texture.
The Commercial and Game is called Crabs and Penguins, and it's "FREE" please feel free to download the game and play it if you have the "the New iPad" or an iPhone 4S, download the game and let me know what you think!
Android, PC and Mac versions are coming out soon.
It was a honor to work with all the talented artists in the team and thanks Ember for this amazing opportunity, i really appreciated!! :)
Hope you guys like it!!

Here is the cinematic commercial 

Crab and Penguins official website