Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hey guys, i am so honored to be on the Top row of ZbrushCentral, it is a dream come true for me to be on the top row with all these great artists.
Thank you all for the support and kind words as well, i especially have to thank (Rafael Grassetti, Care Michaud, Isabelle Power, Darcy Korch and Patrick Switzer) who have been giving me critiques and advises so i can capture his likeness this well. Thanks again!
I will for sure make some tutorials after i finish my max render of him, but before i do that, i still want to fix some small details that i didnt do in zbrush.
Some people have been giving me advises about the beard, so i remade the beard, also added some facial hair, eyebrows and hair on his head all in zbrush. My goal is to do a realistic version just in zbrush and one in max. Hope you guys like what i did on him, thanks again for all the support!!
Here are some new update with new beard, eyebrows, facial hair and hair on his head. i also included a screenshot just in zbrush to show all the fiber mesh on him, cheers!!

I also included some WIP shots too, thanks for stopping by.